Douglas High Black & White Black Light Dance 2013

Had a great time at a local Black Hills, South Dakota school this week. School dances are alway a joy when everything comes together in the right way. There are three things that make a great school dance. Great kids, Great faculty, and of course a good DJ. We also had the pleasure of a local photographer coming and hanging out for part of it. Big thanks to Henry Roy for the photos. Here is a nice smattering of the evening.

Black Hills Black Light Dance 1 Douglas Black Light Dance 1 Douglas Black Light Dance 2 Douglas Black Light Dance 3 Rapid City Black Light Dance 1 Rapid City Black Light Dance 2


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And if you want to take your school dances up a notch, whether it be Homecoming, Prom, Winter Formal, or just a Dance for the fun of it. Give PowerHouse a ring and we would love to chat with you and your school about it.



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